About Us

North Wales Community Law is an independent registered charity.

Our Vision.

All people and communities in North Wales have access to the services and expertise they need to uphold their rights, fight inequality and challenge injustice

Our Mission.

To alleviate poverty, promote equality, and help people create a fairer and more just society. We do this by providing free, community based legal advice on issues affecting the day to day lives of people living in North Wales, using the law as a lever for social change, and sharing our knowledge and skills with others.

Our Values


We listen and respond to the needs of the communities we serve.

We bring communities together to share and learn from their different experiences, skills and knowledge.

We work collaboratively with others to achieve common goals and solve bigger problems.


We treat everyone fairly in a way that meets their needs.

We strive for everyone to have access to the independent, expert legal advice they need to uphold their rights.

We value the diverse and distinct voices of citizens and communities in North Wales.


We help people achieve just, fair and effective outcomes for themselves and their communities.

We help people in North Wales understand their legal rights, make informed decisions, and challenge inequality, discrimination and injustice.

We adapt our work and campaign for wider change to remove the barriers that people face when accessing justice.