Our Housing Work

We work with people across North Wales who need legal advice about their housing and can’t pay for or access a private solicitor.

If you are homeless (or at risk of losing your home), have problems with your landlord, are worried about damp or lack of repairs, or living in accommodation that doesn’t meet your or your family’s needs, we are here to help.

Owen’s story

Owen’s personal circumstances and poor health meant he had become homeless at the onset of winter. He approached his local council for help but he was dismissed without being listened to. Owen could see no other option than to sleep in a derelict outhouse on a piece of disused land. Owen lived in the outhouse throughout the cold winter months without heat, electricity or running water and sanitation.

He was referred to us for advice by a local foodbank. We took Owen’s case and advocated for him with the local council. We stated his case and reminded the council of Owen’s legal rights as a homeless person with serious health needs. The council was forced to take Owen’s case seriously and he was offered emergency accommodation.

Katrina’s story

Katrina and her young children lived in their rented home for seven years. There were disrepair issues in the property for many years including a leak from the toilet. Katrina always made sure she notified her landlord about the issues but her landlord often ignored her. Eventually, raw sewage water began to leak from the toilet into the bathroom floorboards, up the wall, and into her youngest child’s bedroom.

Katrina’s landlord promised to mend the toilet and repair the damage at first. The landlord also told Katrina she would not have to pay rent until the issues were fixed. The landlord did not fix the problem and, after several months, Katrina was told that it would be too much hassle to carry out the repairs and that she was going to be evicted for not paying her rent.

We advised Katrina on how to defend the possession proceedings and how to make a counterclaim for the disrepair that her landlord had failed to carry out. We also advised her on how to ask the local council for help. Katrina acted upon our advice and her landlord withdrew their court claim. Katrina also obtained help from her local council and found a new, secure home for her family.

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