As part of achieving our mission we’re committed to learning and sharing our knowledge and skills with others in our community.

Organisations and community groups that support people in need (like food banks, money advice services, mental health support services, GPs, and many more) often meet people with problems that could be helped by professional, accessible and free legal advice. People don’t always recognise that they have rights and protections in law that can help them address their problem.

Case Study

Some local people who had problems with their landlord  asked their local community group for help. That organisation contacted us. We helped the people renting and the people helping them understand what the law in Wales says about what a landlord should do, and what steps they could take if their landlord wasn’t complying with it.


Making Rights a Reality in North Wales

On 23rd May North Wales Community Law hosted a conversation on Making Rights a Reality in North Wales. It was a pleasure to be joined by- Matthew Court, Public Law Project (Wales lawyer), Owain Rhys James, Civitas Law, and Wendy Dearden Senior Research and Policy Officer for Bevan Foundation

Despite the Senedd passing legislation granting enhanced rights to individuals in a range of fields, including housing, education and social care, people’s lived experience often falls far short of what they are entitled to. 

Our speakers discussed the role of the law in realising people’s rights and holding public bodies to account, and ways to overcome the gap between rights on paper and rights in practice.

Bespoke workshops for your organisation

We can work with community groups and organisations to help their volunteers and staff recognise where legal help might be useful to the people they support. Contact us to discuss your needs and find out more about how we can help.